Carp Lake, West Devon, Cornwall, Milemead Fisheries


Milemead Fisheries is owned and run by brothers Andrew and Paul Evenden. 

It has been bought and built up from scratch by them which is no mean feat when you realize

that when they both started their dream in 1986  they were just 22 and 18  years old.

Andrew and Paul both started their passion for fishing at a young age on the banks of the river Tavy.  

They regularly fly fished on Dartmoor at Fernworthy and Kennick Reservoirs,

plus many other privately owned lakes.

Soon realizing that a lot of these private waters weren’t very good,

 and feeling that they could do better themselves, 

Andrew and Paul set about trying to establish their own Trout Farm and Fishery,

with a firm emphasize on top quality fish.

The start of their dream became a reality when in November 1986 

the 22 acres of very rough grazing known as Milemead came up for auction.  

The pair duly got together enough money for a deposit and successfully bid for the land.

Their dream had started but years of hard work lay ahead........

Carp Lake, West Devon, Cornwall, Milemead Fisheries

6 th November 1986

Former rough grazing and marshland 

known as Milemead is put up for sale at auction

Carp Lake, West Devon, Cornwall, Milemead Fisheries

Rough grazing and marshland

As a youngster, would you have had the vision to turn this waterlogged bog into a successful Fishery?


View from the lane

Building an Entrance

Building an Entrance


Building an Entrance

Building an Entrance

Building an Entrance


Entrance - Stone walling

Entrance - Stone walling

Entrance - Stone walling


Very rough grazing

Entrance - Stone walling

Entrance - Stone walling


New Beginnings

Various planning  permissions were approved and in July 1987 they bought their first digger, a stone track was laid and then a few small ponds were dug out to farm trout in, and a start was made on the Carp Lake.

Digging was slow and done at evenings and weekends, as both Andrew and Paul had to work full time elsewhere to pay their monthly bank loan on the land.

Paul brought fish husbandry experience to the Fishery

 through a 1 year Diploma Course at Sparsholt College, Hampshire,

and several years of experience working at Roadwater Fishery, Somerset. 

Paul in turn passed this valuable knowledge on to Andrew.



Looking back towards 

the fishery entrance.


The start of our very first Carp Lake. Now known as 

the Carp N’ Silvers Lake.


Lots of very heavy clay.....


Starting to take shape.

Carp Lake, West Devon, Cornwall, Milemead Fisheries

Finally in August 1991, 

the 2 acre Carp Lake was opened to the public.

Carp Lake, West Devon, Cornwall, Milemead Fisheries

It has been a very popular pleasure Lake ever since and has now been renamed the Carp N' Silver's Lake.  

Trout Farm

By August 1991 Andrew was working full time at the Fishery,

followed a few months later by Paul.

Work continued in various parts of the Fishery, more excavation to build trout stock ponds together with the laying of large quantities of blocks, concrete and pipe work in order to ensure a continual running water source to their trout.

From early on they attained an excellent reputation for their top quality trout, they produce up to 20 tons of Rainbow, Blue and Brown Trout every year

The soil

being very

being very


Was ideal for the 

intended fishery...

being very

being very

being very


 But not so good

 for heavy plant machinery....

heavy clay

being very

heavy clay


  Which soon stuck fast!  

The Fishery evolving

Most of the Fishery and trout farm has been hand planted by Andrew, Paul and various members of their Family, everything from reeds to trees, resulting in the attractive mature site that you see today.

The Fishery is a constant work in progress, over the years Andrew and Paul have continued to try and improve various parts of the Fishery

as and when time, money and weather allowed. 

Extending the Fishery waters with the smaller Canal stretch and a 2 acre coarse stock lake, that went on to become the Trout Lake. This was latterly re-opened to become our very successful Specimen Carp Lake with Carp to 35 lb +.

Another  major  achievement was the building of a purpose built tackle and bait shop and toilets, which has now allowed them to go on to become official Shimano and Nash tackle and baits dealers.

The reconstruction of an old stock pond at considerable expense,

due to having to pay to remove an electric pole situated in the middle of it, then brought about a new very popular public stretch of water;  

the Canal Basin which has provided a lot of fun

for beginners, families and mini matches alike.

The Carp N' Silvers Lake underwent major bank rebuilding over the 

Winter 2017/Spring 2018 with new larger, cleaner pegs. 

Even now 33 years on the Fishery is still evolving with more recent projects being the conversion of our former Match Lake 

into our very popular Cat N’ Carp Lake, together with a 3 peg extension to our Specimen Carp Lake. 

We have also now seen the completion of a shower room 

and separate dishwashing room.

Andrew and Paul still pride themselves on the quality of both their Trout and Coarse Fish and on the happy relaxed atmosphere that their Fishery provides.

They hope that you enjoy it too!



More major excavation took place to form their next project.


 The 2 acre Match Lake, which opened in 1995. 


This lake closed in January 2016

as a match water

Catfish and Carp Lake, West Devon, Cornwall, Milemead Fisheries

Due to public demand, 

it re-opened in August 2016

as our new and very popular 

Cat N’ Carp Lake.